12-U21’s Offroad Bootcamp


Jessica Gardiner and Jeremy Carpentier.


This will be a school holiday boot camp fully insured by MNSW, it is an excellent time for

the kids to develop, learn and grow with a small coaching group from experienced


Parents will drop the riders off (a guardian form will need to be signed) on Saturday

afternoon and return to pick up the riders on Tuesday afternoon.

The coaching will be covering all aspects of riding in this boot camp. Riders will learn on

bike techniques, skills and speed on various styles of off-road tracks across 270 acres.

With a taste of off-bike fitness. We will also be covering some education on

mechanical basics and bike maintenance. There will be team building games and

activities in the evenings. We will also be focusing on mental skills and mindset to

prepare for the 2022 race season.

This will be a fun and educational week of on and off-bike training. Although on bike

training will be the main priority.

There is sleeping quarters with beds provided, shower’s and toilet facility. All meals will be

catered for – (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner).

Endorsements are available!

Limited to 12 positions – Do not miss this opportunity to mentally and physically

prepare for the 2022 race season for off-road or motocross!

Cost: $500.

What to bring:

– Motorcycle

– 40L petrol (with 2st mixture if required)

– 4x spare air-filters

– Spare parts (clutch lever, brake levers etc)

– Sleeping bag, pillow and towel

– Motorcycle gear and clothes/toiletries for 3 days (extra)

– Enclosed shoes

– Outdoor workout clothes.

-Any snacks or treats that you can’t live without 😉

Please let Jess know if there are any special diets or dietary requirements that are required.


An email will be sent to attendees one week prior to the event with property address and specifics of campout.

Can’t wait to see you all there and prepare for the 2022 race season with like-minded motivated individuals.


The Rider with valid MA licence ticket sales has ended!
The Rider without MA lic ticket sales has ended!


22 - 25 Jan 2022


3:00 pm - 3:00 pm




The Farm // Putty, NSW
Putty, NSW


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