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Keep up to date on the latest racing and coaching news.

Recent News

Keep up to date on the latest racing & coaching news.

Gardiner’s Bad luck

After 8 weeks post injury, feeling strong and all cleared. Gardiner started to ride again abroad her YZ250FX on Saturday, 20th feb.

Unfortunately  the front wheel washed out whilst concluding a great comeback ride, resulting in a hard impact directly onto her just recently injured left clavicle.

Jess explained, ” When I got up from the crash, I knew directly I had affected my recent injury. I was hoping that it wasn’t as bad as it felt although reality set in about 10mins after the adrenaline had worn off.”
” I went to Hospital as soon as possible and the results devastatingly showed my freshly healed bone and callus growth had completely separated again under the force of the impact.”

Jess took immediate action and went from Surgeon to Doctors rooms to find the best solution for her health and career.

Gardiner stated, ” I found a really good Surgeon in Bella Vista named Dr Gupta. He understood my sporting position and wanted to do everything possible to get me back on track ASAP in the safest risk free manor possible. We decided to go ahead with what is known as the ‘ Mumford Procedure’, which was performed on the 02.03.16. This is performed via keyhole surgery and to sum it up simply, the 1cm piece of broken off bone was broken down and sucked out via keyhole and the new end of my collarbone rounded off to look pretty”.

“I am very happy with how it has been progressing and can’t thank Dr Gupta and both my physio’s Pete and Marcus for all their commitment and support to get me back doing what I love and with minimal risk. See you back out at the tracks soon!”

Jess is aiming to race Round 1 and 2 of the AORC on the 19th / 20th March to savour some points towards the 2016 Australian Offroad Championship.

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