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Gardiner takes out the 2016 Women’s Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro

chain back on,” explained Gardiner, who had to take her chain guard off so she could continue.

With her chain back on, Gardiner made it back to the pits and spent twenty minutes in the pits just trying to re-bend the chain guard and fix all the stuff she had broken, then was able to keep going.

However on the next lap on the same rock at the Rock Garden Gardiner again bent the guard, as it was quite weak from all the repairs she and her support crew did on it. Once again she went through the same process, but this time was able to bend it back herself out there.

Gardiner’s third lap was the best lap of the day. She managed to get through the lap, relatively smooth without too much struggling or crashing. She set her best lap on the final lap with a time of 41min20.085, which she was really happy with, seeing the first two laps where really tough.

“Overall I’m really happy to be able to complete three laps this year and take the win in the Women’s class,” said Gardiner after the race, who completed the race with a total time of 3hr27:12.093.

“The Yamaha WR250F was faultless out there today and a huge credit must go to Michelin tyres which stood up to the punishment of the conditions today, proving just how good of a tyre they really are.”

Gardiner found that this year’s Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro event was one of the hardest events by far compared to other years, as there were a few more added rock sections which was really challenging.

Another hard part to this year’s event was that the fact the marshals were not even allowed to help this year, compared to years gone by where the marshals and even spectators could help a rider through the sections if you needed it.

“Hopefully the event organisers will re-address that rule for next year, as it was difficult to say the lease,” expressed Gardiner, who finished second in this year’s Women’s AORC championship.

“Overall however it’s been a really fun event and I take my hat off to the event organizer, Steven Braszell and his crew for making such a challenging and exciting track to race on. For the riders it’s great and it sure does make a great spectacle for the strong fans that came out today to watch the event. I hope everyone has had a great time watching us race, as we have enjoyed putting on a show for everyone out there.”

“We’ll see if I come back in 2017. In saying that, I’m sure I’ll be back!”

Gardiner will now turn her attention to the Yamaha Australian Four Day Enduro (A4DE) which kicks off on the 15th of November at Mansfield in Victoria, which is the Prologue, while the 16th will mark the first day of the four days of action in the ‘high country’.

“I’m looking forward to heading into the A4DE now,” beamed Gardiner.

“I went over to France a few weeks before the ISDE and Mathias [Bellino], my partner helped me find my confidence again. I have been lacking a lot of confidence all year due to injuries, as when you have three major broken bones in a row it really sets you back. Mathias really helped me three weeks prior to the six day, just helping me mentally to prepare.”

Gardiner expressed that she went into the six day feeling really strong. Apart from the bike problems she had on the first day, she felt like she rode really strong for the remaining part of the days in Spain.

“I’m really happy where I am now and we can only progress from here. Wildwood Rock was a really good training venue today and I’m glad I came here.”

“I’m going away injury free, which is fantastic news. So I’m really looking forward to riding my Yamaha WR250F at the four day enduro at Mansfield in Victoria,” concluded Gardiner.



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