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Recent News

Keep up to date on the latest racing & coaching news.

Enduro World Championships begin!

In 2014, I am officially riding for the Sherco CH racing team managed by Fabrizio Azzalin.
My teammates are Lorenzo Santolino and Matti Seistola. All the mechanics and team as a whole are very motivated, determined and professional. I feel very comfortable with the new Italian team!
I will continue to ride the Sherco 300cc 4 stroke this year. Sherco have prepared a perfect bike for my 2014 debut. It has some awesome modifications to the engine and suspension, Akrapovic exhaust system as well as minor changes like handlebars and triple clamps.

jess spain new bike

The first round of the Enduro World Championship was in Solsona, Spain on the 4-6th April.

Prior to the race I had walked all the tests 3 times over, I had committed the tracks to memory in detail – I felt good heading into the race weekend!
We began the opener of the event with the super test on Friday night in the main town of Solsona, the audience was huge and the ambience was amazing. My nerves had been building all week and it was great to get out in front of the Catalan public. I finished 2nd to Jane Daniels with Laia Sanz 3rd.

On Saturday we headed out of the city and with only 5 minutes of riding on the road we were straight into the extreme test. It was a mix of natural terrain with a lot of big rocks sections.
Early in the day I felt great then I made some errors mid race and lost valuable seconds. I stayed in 3rd all of the day and finished 58 seconds behind 2nd place Jane Daniels (the British rider. It was a great start to shake off the start of the season nerves!

On the Sunday my goal was to make fewer mistakes and be in a position to battle with Jane for 2nd position. I had some good test times and was feeling confident. I had a crash in the long rock section but felt really good in the long 12.5 minute Enduro test. I finished up 3rd again on
Day 2 but this time was only 13 seconds behind Jane Daniels and 1min 27 seconds from the incredible Laia Sanz! Laia Sanz is an amazing rider with many years experience but the gap in narrowing and 2014 might be the year for new blood to stand on that top step!

jess spain podium

The level of competition in Women’s Enduro is really on the rise and here in Spain it was great to see 14 women start the event. It is very inspiring and motivating to have so many girls smiling in the paddock and then their determination once racing begins
This is what I love about enduro around the world- where countries, nations and different cultures come together to be the best in the sport we all share a passion for!

I’d like to give a huge shout out and thank you to FourOhFour for their sponsorship of the weekends racing via the Indiegogo campaign – I can’t thank you enough for your generosity!


Overall, a fantastic weekend and a great start to a long championship!

jess mathias spain

I’ll be back in Europe in June for the Finish and Swedish events.

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