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Here’s what International Enduro Champion Geoff Ballard has to say about working with Jess.

I’ve know Jess for almost a decade now. She first came to my attention as a Junior rider when she began competing in enduro and off-road.
She is one of the most dedicated athletes I have ever met. Her commitment to constant improvement has rewarded her with the ISDE (International Six day Enduro) Championship win this year.
Jess is the complete package – she has a delightful and engaging personality making her a sponsors dream but at the same time doesn’t expect everything to be handed to her and has resorted to driving heavy machinery with a local company to finance her racing.
Jess was part of the winning Ballard’s Yamaha Offroad team for 2010-2011 and delivered on all accounts. When a change in the team meant there was no longer a place for her, I continued to offer product support and mentoring. This year Jess joined me on the Ballard’s Motorex Offroad team and would have made a clean sweep of the national events had it not been for some bad luck. Her win in the ISDE and the 3rd place in the EWC made up for it though!
Jess isn’t resting on her laurels – she is hard at work getting ready to compete on two continents (most riders commit to either the Australian or the European events) and still manages to find time to coach younger riders and support local events.
Her very positive attitude towards life in general takes her a long way and she quietly gets on with the job working harder and longer than most others are prepared to. Jess is incredibly popular amongst her peers and has developed a solid fan base that enjoys hearing about her triumphs and the odd tribulation.
I feel that Jess has the drive and tenacity to get her to the top and look forward to seeing her stand on the top step of the world podium many more times.

Geoff Ballard
Owner Ballard’s Offroad, Burleigh Heads, QLD with MXstore
Selected for 24 ISDE events – Won 12 Gold, 8 Silver medals
35 Australian titles
3 USA titles
15 years managing Yamaha Offroad team
Member of the Order of Australia

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