About Jess

In 2013 at just 20 years of age, Jess Gardiner became the first Australian woman to win the International Six Day Enduro (Womens class) and lead the Australian women’s team to victory in the Women’s team’s event.
Active in sports as varied as karate and horse riding Jess tried her hand at dirt biking at the age of 13 and quickly transitioned from motocross to off road.
She won the first off-road event she competed in and from there Jess took to off-road competition with single minded determination.
Jess is a human whirlwind – juggling fulltime employment as a heavy equipment operator, training and racing. Despite a schedule that would leave most exhausted after a couple of days, Jess finds time to coach and mentor younger riders and is currently an Ambassador for NSW Womensport.

Off-road events in Australia are often thousand’s of km away and Jess knows what it’s like to spend up to 20 hours driving to an event before she even begins to compete. The support of her family is essential – from acting as mechanic at an event to helping with the drive to and from.

In 2014 Jess is repeating the transcontinental schedule that has her flying between Europe and Australia to contest championships in both countries. Between events Jess drives heavy machinery to pay for the travel. The sight of her standing next to the enormous vehicle she drives has to be seen to be believed.

Jess at work

When in Australia, Jess rides with her trademark 737 race number and in when in Europe rides with the 77 numberplate.

Her genuine love of racing and her contagious smile have made her a fan favourite.